Peter Cat, The Saccharine Underground, 2020

peter cat frontLet me start with making my apologies for the lack of updates.  These are strange times and time for me has been very limited for many reasons. So many releases have been waiting for months and months creating an even bigger waiting line than ever before. But it is what it is, so let’s just soldier on and keep trying to move forward.

This little ditty of an album has been played numerous times over the last period, but somehow I did not find the right words to describe it. Today I came up with “the bastard son of The Beatles and Status Quo, having a party with most of the UK bands from the sixties”. Hey, I did not say it would be perfect or?

So overall it is more pop than rock, with catchy melodies and never overly technical. In short, it is a very pleasant album with enough variation to have you playing it off and on for many months in a row 🙂 Definitely an album that does not outstay it’s welcome but instead will be a crowd pleaser at your post barbecue hangout. Even if only because your friends do not share your enthusiasm for eclectic prog and rock hahaha.