Peter Gabriel, Scratch My Back, 2010

peter gabriel - scratch my backEverybody that has seen the opening song on Gabriel`s Growing Up live DVD, will recall that feeling of awe as he walks on stage, sits behind his piano and starts Here Comes The Flood. The whole arena is silent in an instant and totally commit themselves to that incredible performance.
Well, if you felt that one song is not enough to give you that special feeling, here is a complete CD that will achieve just that!

The concept of Scratch My Back is that Gabriel covers songs from artists, who in return cover a track of him. The first output is his version of other peoples songs. He does that without guitars and drums. Just his piano, his voice and the support of other singers and orchestra. And the result is simply phenomenal. This is spine tingling, goosebumbs, drifting off to better places. This is so painstakingly beautiful it hurts.

The only thing I want to add to that is to name some songs, just to give you a hint: Heroes (Bowie), The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon), Mirrorball (Elbow), Listening Wind (Talking Heads). And expect some Neil Young, Lou Reed, and Radiohead as well as a couple songs you have to discover for yourself. Utterly essential!