Peter Hammill / Gary Lucas, Other World, 2014

peter hammil gary lucas - other worldIn the world of progressive music, these two names must surely ring a bell. Yet in all honesty, I cannot claim to know all of their past, just bits here and there. Both play electric and acoustic guitars and employ sounds and effects. The singing is obviously handled by Hammill. As the CD info states, this album is a result of the two meeting with only bits and pieces in their pocket, yet finding it both very easy to put their ideas together en feed off each other.

The result is 14 tracks, from 1:37 minute to just over 7 minutes, resulting in about an hour of progressive music. Most of the songs are relatively calm. And as you would expect, instant melodies are not high on the gentlemen’s agenda. What I like about the songs is the use of those sounds and effects. Don´t forget, with just guitars and a vocal, things could easily become a bit commonplace. And that is just what those effects prevent. Much of them seem completely random, but this creates a certain tension to the aural pictures.

Even if I can imagine the overall effect will not be pleasing everybody, I do want to encourage you to go and check this out. Especially if you are already familiar with them, or have an open mind regarding music, this is probably as progressive as it gets.

Peter Hammill / Gary Lucas