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Petra, Double Take, 2000

Petra - Double TakeIn 2000 Christian rock band Petra released this album to much praise 😉 It contains 12 songs from their back catalogue in a somewhat acoustic arrangement. So you get vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica and orchestrations. But with drums and keyboards and some occasional electric guitar to enliven the arrangements somewhat.

Expertly produced by the Elefante brothers, this has become a delightful set of songs with a spellbinding atmosphere. Okay, some may be put off by the lyrical message, but if you, like me, mostly care for the music and the melodies, you are definitely in for a treat.
Petra have recreated their songs to fit the format and they have done it very well. These stripped down versions show their craftsmanship, both in executing as in writing. Never heavy of course, but still the uplifting spirit shows and grabs you. Very pleasant CD and heartily recommended!

Personal play tips: Dance, This Means War, Creed.