Phil Vincent, Controlled Insanity, 2010

phil vincent - controlled insanityI have said it before and I will most likely say it again: Phil Vincent has got to be one of the hardest working men in the music business. This year has seen him release 3 albums (under different monikers)  so far, and a fourth (a new project with UK guitar player Vince O’ Regan) is expected later this year!

With such a tight schedule there is always a risk of over exposure, but somehow I feel that this is not the case here. There seems to be a high standard of quality control, so every release this year has turned out very enjoyable.

Again I believe this album is a safe buy for people who own (some of) his previous work. You get the music he is known for. And like my comments on the latest Tragik release, I believe Phil rediscovered his keyboards as we hear several spacey sounds popping up here and there. For the rest it is the usual hard rocking guitars, accompanied by his soaring vocals to create those catchy melodies. It just never gets old!
Changes are never big, but Phil continues to try to improve himself.  Despite playing almost all instruments himself (that is ALL instruments), this does not sound amateurish. And believe me, it is quite a task to be convincing on several very different instruments…

For people not familiar with Phil Vincent´s back catalogue: listen to the samples on the site and convince yourself. Melodic (hard)rock with class it is.

Personal play tips: Carry On, Part Of Me, More Than Nothing.