Phil Vincent, Passion And Pain, 2009

phil vincent - passion and painLately I have been listening to Phil´s music a lot. Whatever the monicker (solo, Tragik, D´Ercole, Circular Logik), he always delivers the goods. With a new release with Legion coming up, he remains one of the busiest men in the biz, giving Tommy Denander a run for his money 😉

This album he released early 2009 (or maybe late 2008) and it is another testimony of the man´s talent. As you will know by now, solo he records almost all instruments himself. This time he got some guitar stuff and solo´s from Michael Riesenbeck, Steve Albanese, William Roux and Michael Sprague.

The music stays true to form. So expect quality melodic hard rock based on catchy guitar riffs and sometimes keyboards, with the piano being the preferred weapon of choice. Some songs develop a more progressive nature (Rumors), but most tracks operate within the chosen field. Phil always writes catchy melodies, so you will sing along quite fast. Over the years the music has a tendency of becoming more guitar heavy, but in my book that is actually a good thing.
As always it is hard to pick a few songs that are above average, as his output has a constant level. No fillers ladies and gentlemen. If you don´t own any CD’s visit his site and listen to some samples. You will find the links to buy his stuff there as well. Do it and support independent music.


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