Phil Vincent, Slave to Sin, 2014

phil vincent - slave to sinThe most featured musician on the blog is back with a new release! And even with 30 or so releases under his belt, Phil is still pushing boundaries. So tracks like Slave To Sin and Rise rank amongst the heaviest things he has ever done. With even some growling vocals on the latter, and that´s a first. Bad Girl on the other hand has a fun reference to AC/DC and Let Me Be The One has an almost singer-songwriter appeal to it. And a wonderful guitar solo from his Legion partner Vince O´Regan. Because as is common on his solo releases, all other instruments and the mix and mastering are handled by the man himself.

And the biggest surprise might turn out to be the almost 14 (!) minutes that are Harmonic Destruction, constructed of 4 parts, Regrets, Even Now, Suite Revenge and Gaia Storm. Some progginess is rubbing off on Phil it seems :). And of course songs like Take Me Back, Mystery and Illusion are text book Vincent songs. That is melodic hard rock for you non believers.

So this is Phil at his most varied best, connecting all elements together with his singing and gorgeous harmony vocals. And if that does not win you over, than maybe check out the artwork, where a lot of the “bad girls” are present…


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