Phil Vincent, Solar Flare, 2012

phil vincent - Solar FlareAmerican singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent has been featured here before. And where recent years has seen him join several other bands (Tragik, Circular Logik, D`Ercole and Legion) and sing on other people their records, somehow he still got some time left to spend on another solo album. And solo is the key word here, although I do believe his Legion buddy Vince O´Regan shreds out a solo or two. the rest is all mister Vincent himself!

After listening to this, I kept thinking how unbelievable it is that he still seems to get better with every release. The sound keeps improving, his drums and guitars never sounded so rich like on this one. Which makes me regret it is a digital release only (his first ever!) Well I can understand with all the downloading going on, that it saves the independent artist some cash, yet a shame it remains.

Back to the music. Sometimes heavier than ever before (just check the opening trio of All Over You, It´s Finally Over and On The Run) and sometimes his more progressive side takes over like on the epic Last Goodbye, love that piano / vocal build up. Speaking of vocals, especially in the multi layered pieces, you should take some time getting a grasp of all that is going on. Fantastic once again! Recommended for anyone into melodic hard rock with some more artistic moments.


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