Phil Vincent, Unknown Origin, 2005

phil vincent - unknown originOver the years I have bought several albums by American multi instrumentalist Phil Vincent. Phil is a very dedicated musician and releases albums in a constant flow. As he does a lot himself, he must have a very disciplined work ethic. He deserves credit for that, as I know from personal experience how hard that is.

People who own earlier releases and like them, this is a save buy. Sound wise I believe he keeps improving (more guitars this time, besides a more natural drum sound), but style wise you already know what you are gonna get. That is melodic rock for the non believers.

This record is again very recognisable. His vocals and the use of backings are instantly familiar. The same applies to the songs. You know there will be enough variation, you know there will be catchy choruses, ripping solo´s and keyboard support. Well the latter may be a little less this time around.
Which brings be to my only critical remark, there is little surprise!

In recent years he has expanded his game. Now he not only releases under his own name, but also under banners like Tragik, Circular Logik (both named after solo CD´s by the way) and more recently with D´ercole. Some of them I still have to check out. Another change is the increasing participation of other players on his records.

My guess is this is a conscious effort to broaden his horizon. And I do hope it brings him, besides more angles of incidence, more fame and fortune. He deserves it no matter what!

Personal play tips: just start it up.