Platens, Out Of The World, 2014

platens - out of the worldDario Grillo is a busy man. Another band of him Violet Sun, was featured here not that long ago, and now he is back with what I believe to be the second Platens album, on the wonderful Melodic Rock Records label. Here he is the singer, guitar player and adds some keyboards as well.
And the name of the record label gives a bit of a clue as to what to expect. Melodic rock it is, albeit with a somewhat more elaborate feel to the songs. So do not be surprised if some songs border a bit into prog territory. But that actually makes for a far more interesting listening experience. We get some breaks and instrumental parts and solos along the way, but they never take away the thing that melodic rock is favoured for, melodies. And lots of harmony vocals of course!

So this Italian quartet is on a roll here. Where I find some of the artists delivering quite predictable songs in this genre, that is not the case here. Because of the extended arrangements, never a dull moment! But please don’t think this is a genuine prog album. This is melodic rock with catchy choruses. It’s just the approach of the band making them work harder at delivering interesting songs. Mission accomplished, great album!