Pledge for Isabel II from 17 Pygmies

17 pygmies - isabel 2It’s been two years since Isabel I, but 17 Pygmies are pleased to announce the imminent release of “Isabel II: Abaddon Rising,” a collection of ten (10) original recordings that are the soundtrack for the latest written chapter in the story of Isabel and the rest of the crew (plus some new characters) of the soon to be released graphic novel.

They are currently right in the middle of production (and if you look at previous releases, you will know these productions are always somewhat special) and have partnered with PledgeMusic to offer a Pre-Order of the album, along with regular updates, and exclusive content.

Jack and Meg are excited to offer this to their friends and supporters. “We think you will find Isabel II well worth the wait. Thank you for joining us on this part of the journey!”

Click on the link to access the PledgeMusic site and view the promotional video!