Porcupine Tree, The Incident, 2009

porcupine tree - the incidentTo me, one of the beauties of listening to a new Porcupine Tree CD is the not knowing what you are gonna get. But you are always sure that Steven Wilson comes up with intelligent music with a message. And sure, some tracks need time to get into. They slowly get into your system, at first making you feel  uncomfortable, but as time progresses that feeling changes to familiarity. And keeps you coming back. Now if that isn’t a sign for some serious good music that will last, I don’t know what is.

This album is no different. What we have here is a double disk. The first containing one song (the title track), divided into 14 segments of various lengths and lasting over 50 minutes!  Some bits are instant, others need time. But again, what beauty and what feeling. I truly admire his ability to work with light and shade. From small and intimate, to big, strange and forceful.

The second disk contains 4 songs that probably would have fitted on the first disk as well. But perhaps to focus the listeners attention, this choice was made.  The songs are typical PT. So I guess y’all know what to do!

Personal play tips: the first disk played as a whole and then play the second disk.