Post Death Soundtrack, The Unlearning Curve, 2017

post death soundtrack - the unlearning curveListening with an open mind is regarded highly at YMB HQ. And with this release from Post Death Soundtrack, that comes in handy. If anything, this is not typical. In my mind this comes closest to obscure Eighties New Wave bands like Freur. And since you probably don’t remember them either, what can I say about this that will clarify my point?

Okay, first thing of note is that keyboards and vocals are at the centre of this album. Yes there is some guitar, bass and drum (machine) involved, but the voice(s) and the keyboards take care of flashing out the arrangements. I guess that is why I am remembered of the Eighties. Second thing is that mood and sphere is very important on this album. And that makes for an intense listening atmosphere. It is pretty hard to not listen to the album. Or on the other hand, if you just let it pass you by, it might come across as bland. But that would really be a criminal injustice as giving it a proper spin rewards the listener with making real contact with the music.

So in this case I will keep it very simple, if you are open minded too and are willing to invest your precious time into an intense album, than go and get this. I am confident it will not leave you untouched.