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Powerworld, Human Parasite, 2010

Powerworld - Human ParasiteIn my review of the first Powerworld CD I mentioned I thought they had delivered a quality record, but needed more identity of their own. Well I doubt I initiated this, but on this album they secured the services of the mighty Andrew “Mac” McDermott, who sadly passed away a few months ago. And if this powerhouse singer proves one thing, it must be he lifts the level of any band he contributes to. What a voice!

So the good thing is, the power metal with progressive influences from this band, while already having staying power, now gets a serious kick in the *ss. Now sounding like a cross between 2 previous Mac lead bands Threshold (progressive) and Sargant Fury (metal), the band deliver big time.  I am tempted to write the cooperation really paid off. All 12 songs are killer, so any fan of the genre can buy this on sight. So sad we will have to do without Mac in the future, he is sorely missed.
So while the disk gets another spin, I am off reminiscing a singer’s heritage…