Presto Ballet, Invisible Places, 2010

Presto Ballet - Invisible PlacesIf you, like me, are a sucker for Hammond organ, rocking guitars, versatile songs, memorable melodies and don´t mind getting a little adventurous when listening, then you have to check out Presto Ballet! Coming from a metal background, principal writer and player Kurt Vanderhoof is exploring his progressive rock tooth here. And does so with style and finesse.

This is probably album 4 or so, but this never tires me. For me this is 7 songs and just over an hour of pure bliss. Always inspiring and uplifting and produced with obvious love for the history of this type of music, yet sounding modern and rich.
I won´t even bother to write a longer piece about this. I firmly believe that any serious fan of progressive rock music should own at least one, if not all albums from this band. Love ´m to death!