Presto Ballet, The Lost Art Of Time Travel, 2009

Presto Ballet - the lost art of time travelFor people into symphonic and or progressive rock, who come from a more heavy rock background starting in the seventies, heaven has arrived…
The second album by Presto Ballet (another Kurt Vanderhoof project) is absolutely mind blowing and stunning. Seven tracks of sheer bliss.

Again Kurt shows he has combined a solid base of heavy seventies rock (Deep Purple, Uriah Heep), influenced by Hammond, mellotron, piano, guitar riffs and playful bass and drums, with progressive music from the likes of Yes, Kansas or Genesis. As always, without songs you are getting nowhere. But again he has the songs to back it up.  Whether the track lasts 4 or 14 minutes, you will not get bored. Great musicianship, catchy choruses, intricate arrangements, riffs, solo´s, and feel. This is a masterpiece, if ever there was one…

So there you go, I don´t want to spend any more words about this one except buy it at all costs! And the first one was a must buy already! So better yet, get them both.


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