Pretty Maids, Louder Than Ever, 2014

pretty maids - louder than everOne of my favourite Danish bands keep having a go at it. And, what I like about them, ever since they started out in the early eighties, trends have come and gone, but the Pretty Maids are still solid as a rock and ready to deliver another set of blistering rock anthems. Nowadays the keyboards have returned, making the band again a 5 piece, still centred around the mighty vocals of Ronnie Atkins and the power riffs of Ken Hammer.

So how to describe the sound of the band to those of you not familiar with the band?  And I do hope you are not not so many. Well, this is heavy melodic rock, with a singer that seems to suffer from a split personality. Part of Atkins’ singing is clean and melodic and part is rough and raspy and melodic yet powerful. I like both sides of that actually! All songs have catchy hooks and focus on energy and melody over the guitar riffs, rather than spitting out flashy solos all the time. In the early years the keyboard work was more important, then it disappeared and now it is returning, albeit in a more supportive and colouring role. Over time they never disappointed, although I do think they sound more rejuvenated in the last couple of years.

No matter what, if you dig bands like Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Slade, Kiss or Queen, this is one band you cannot afford to miss.