Pride Of Lions, Same, 2003

pride of lionsYes, it did take me quite some time before I could lay my hands on this album. Maybe a little wary of the hype, or just didn’t find it for a reasonable price.
But sure enough, never regretted buying it for one second after listening to this the last couple of days. For those still ignorant, Pride Of Lions is of course the new vehicle of Jim Peterik (Survivor) to send his songs into the world. And for that purpose he recruited the young vocalist Toby Hitchcock. The latter proving a real find and capable of making Jim’s songs even better than they already are.

Because yes, Peterik still hasnĀ“t lost anything of his touch. Just listen to the melodies (both on vocals as on guitars) of tracks like It’s Criminal or Sound Of Home and you will agree with me. Also the more ballad like stuff like Interrupted Melody hits home hard.
So a must buy for any serious lover of Jim Peterik’s earlier work or of the melodic rock genre in general. I will definitely be looking out for later output as well!