Profuna Ocean, In Vacuum, 2016

profuna ocean - in vacuumThis is the second album from these Dutch proggers (not counting their contribution to Dutch Exposure which they won in 2013 with their song Waiting For The Fall) and on all accounts a big step forward since their 2009 debut. This is not only due to the mastering by Jens Boggren, but also because they have come up with with 8 songs and just over an hour of really good music.

So the quartet of Fred den Hartog (drums), Raoul Potters (vocals and guitar), Arjan Visser (bass) and René Visser (keyboards) have been delving really deep and sharing the stages with Focus, Knight Area or Racoon certainly helped them hone their skills. The music is very dynamic and diverse. And even when you kinda expect that from a prog band, they do it with confidence and class. The most obvious comparisons with the resulting sound are Porcupine Tree and The Pineapple Thief. Which may result to my only “criticism”, the name Steven Wilson popped up a lot while listening to this. But since that name is a guarantee for quality nowadays, you can wonder if that is a bad thing.

I can only applaud the band for what they deliver here, this is a mature, interesting and very tasty album that will appeal to anybody who likes the music of the bands mentioned. Class!