Projection, Realitivity, 2016

projection - realitivityProjection are a new 4 piece Dutch band that combine melodic rock with prog. And while the band is new, the members have 10 to 15 years experience playing in the live circuit in various outfits. Realitivity is their first album and it is a concept about the hectic life of today.

The album starts with On, a short instrumental piece with keyboards and guitar, Mellow, but very nice. Next is Running Through Time. Here that combo of melodic rock with some prog influences can be heard clearly. For me it is mainly rock though, and little wrong with it either. Upbeat, up-tempo and melodic, and with some nice phrasing on the guitars. The Expectation Cell is a bit more experimental. Mellotron, talking – singing and more variation in tempo. Hypocrite starts with more talking, before the song picks up, only to slow down again. Still I feel it is more rock than prog. And the same applies to the album as a whole. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, just to clarify the way I feel about it.
All 4 members do vocals, but I am not quite sure if they trade leads. It does sound that way sometimes. After listening to this a lot, I am still a bit hesitant about what I think of it. I guess my main concern is that somehow it feels on the safe side. The songs have head and tail, but I am never challenged to thinking “hey what was that?”.

So it is solid, is it well performed, it is enjoyable. No more and certainly no less. Still, in cases like this it is always best to make up your own mind.