Pure Reason Revolution, Hammer And Anvil, 2010

pure reason revolution - hammer and anvilSometimes my review system leads to unexpected side effects. Like in this case, am I finally ready to praise this release by British hope Pure Reason Revolution, have they called it a day… DAMN! In my post about their previous album (read that here), I already claimed this is a progressive band in the true sense of the word progressive. Melting electronica with progressive rock, and still managing to create an identifiable melodic sound that will appeal to many, is no mean feat. And their trademark exchanging of vocals is still present, yippie! Something you need to hear if you have not heard it yet…

So the point is, what did they change this time? After all, before they put more emphasis on the synths and less on guitars. Well I feel the balance is restored a bit here. But that may be more due to the fact that the more dance like drumming has been swapped for more regular rhythms. Also there is still room for experiments. And still they avoid to do that for the sake of it. It is just a way for them to express what they have to tell.

So in my book PRR can do no wrong. Well besides quitting and that is what they did. But let us all be hopeful and look out for the members popping up in new bands and bringing us more great music. I look forward to that! For now I will comfort myself by listening to their fabulous output that never tires me.