Pymlico, Guiding Light, 2014

pymlico - guiding lightSeptember 15 saw the release of Guiding Light, the third album by all instrumental project Pymlico. My findings on the previous album you can find here.
Again written, arranged and produced by Arild Brøter, who also provides drums, keyboards and guitar. Together with a host of guest musicians he delivers 7 songs of his highly melodic brand of (progressive) rock with serious world music influences. Besides the instruments already mentioned, we also are treated on organ, piano, alto, soprano  and tenor saxophone, suling flute, bass, percussion and even the trombone.

An instrument like the saxophone always tends to create a certain jazz feel and here is no exception. Take a listen to The East Side and you will know what I mean. Before that Sounds Of The City impresses with a great groove and one of the best melodies on this album. For the life of me I will not understand while some people say they cannot digest instrumental music. All those people should treat themselves with this album and I am sure they will agree that it is possible to connect to this. Whether it is the melodies, the grooves, the atmospheres, the varied soloing, this music has an universal appeal that I am sure would satisfy even the most critic listener. And forget about that prog tag, this transcends genres if you ask me. Lovely album that comes highly recommended.