Pymlico, Meeting Point, 2016

pymlico-meeting-pointI think a lot of people do not want to listen to instrumental music. And I suppose the main reason for that will be that they expect it to be overly self-indulgent, masses of notes from someone trying to prove how good they are at their instrument of choice.

So for those, and for the ones that do listen to non vocal music, here is the band Pymlico to prove you wrong. For those who are familiar with the name, yes the project from drummer and composer Arild Broter has grown into a full fledged band now. Previous albums already were very good (read for instance this post) but it seems the mix of fusion and progressive rock on this fourth album has never sounded so mature and exciting.
Mixing elements from bands like Pink Floyd, Toto, Joe Satriani, Porcupine Tree and Tears For Fears (and more) this album is a showcase of groove, melody and class. And because of the melodies, these songs speak loud and clear to anybody who wants to listen. Still, the musicians amongst us will still find enough challenge to admire the players.

Speaking for myself, I have found this album to be a serious addiction risk. I think it is absolutely fabulous and I want to encourage every reader to have a listen, this will not disappoint!