Pymlico, On This Day, 2020

pymlico - on this dayWith the exception of their debut, all Pymlico releases are present here on the blog. So it is nice to give their latest effort On This Day a number of spins too. So far, their instrumental blend of progrock, fusion and pop melodies has always been on the mark. And believe it or not, it seems they up their game with every release too!

Since starting as the musical outlet for Arild Broter, over time the project has cemented into a formidable 6-piece band. This time a bit more focus on groove and horns, and also the songwriting partnership of Arild with his brother Oyvind expanded. But the essence of their music hasn’t changed, and thus they keep proving that instrumental music can be warm, interesting and melodic. In short: a pleasure to listen to. In fact, their songs just keep growing and still benefit from repeated play. Because it is in the details they excel. Clever arranging and modern production lift Pymlico above the masses. And good songs of course.

In short, another one to receommend. And if you have not yet listened to this band, a perfect reason to start!