Ragdoll, Back To Zero, 2016

ragdoll - back to zeroDespite being around for about 5 years, and having released a couple of EP’s and a full length, this is the first time I have heard of this Aussi power trio. Consisting of singer – bassist Ryan Rafferty, drummer Cam Barrett and guitarist Leon Todd, we are now treated with a second album. My copy has 11 tracks and 2 bonus tracks (a single edit of a previous song and a live track). The album was funded by touring extensively, which also helped to road test the songs.

And if this album makes one thing clear, then it must be that this is a talented bunch. For me easily one of the best release on Bad Reputation so far! Opening with the sweet short instrumental title track, things are kicked into gear with second track Shine. And shine it does. Infectious groove, powerful riffs and great vocals. Or, as it says in the press sheet, music that owes as much to the 70’s and 80’s arena rock, as it does to the grungey sounds of the 90’s. And I am pretty sure they have taken in some 70’s elaborate stuff as well, as some songs have a multitude of rhythms and tempos, without ever losing the plot. The level of the songs is not only high, but also very consistent, all killer, no filler here.

So a thoroughly enjoyable album that rocks, grooves and excites. Which means you oughta get out and buy it 🙂