Rah Rah, Vessels, 2015

rah-rah - vesselsA lot of really good new music is coming in from Canada lately, and here is another example. Probably best categorised as power pop, this is an album that instantly creates good moods and gets you tapping your feet along to the music. For reference think of of a cross somewhere between The Bangles, Abba, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison, but with the modern edge of say Interpol or Suede.

Opening with the sixties sounding Be Your Man we are off to an energetic and edgy start. Next is lead off single Chip Off The Heart and that deserves to be a hit as I think it is a better song than most we are forced to listen to on the radio. Very uplifting, great female vocals and still with a bit of an indie back-bone. A Love That Sticks is another memorable chorus and keeps making rounds in your head. One of my personal favourites is Fix Me, with a great build and groove and more melodies that stick like glue to paper.
The eleven songs on the album are very varied, with different lead singers and moods. But what they have in common is a superb melody, and a catchiness that seems to come easy for them. A quality that is not available for everyone…

So the 5 piece band (2 ladies and 3 gents) have a good thing going. Catch them on tour if you can, should be fun!