Rani Chatoorgoon, Samsara, 2016

rani chatoorgoon - samsaraThis album has already made many rounds in my player. And this is not because I had a hard time getting into it. In fact it is quite the opposite, this is a lovely pop rock album with progressive overtones. But let’s start with a bit of background. Rani Chatoorgoon was born in Canada, from immigrants from Trinidad & Tobago, with ancestral roots in India. So from early age, she has been fed the music and culture of those roots and learned to sing Hindi and Sanskrit as well as play harmonium.
Fast forward, Rani now finds herself in Europe and having made many friends in the Netherlands, with Ruud Jolie (guitars in Within Temptation) and Joost van den Broek (keyboards a.o. Ayreon) being amongst them. So on the foundation of a self-produced EP and album, this is the logical progression.

And while the mentioned roots are present throughout the music, I have found this to be an exemplary set of songs that thrive on melody and are built on a rocking foundation with a nice prog and or Eastern flavour. The sound is open and powerful, and Rani’s voice shines on every track. Because of the poppish sensibilities, a lot of people could be attracted to this music. Especially as it never gets too heavy or out of proportion.

So do yourself a favour, and give it a go!