Rebecca Everett, Seven Shades, 2015

rebecca everett - seven shadesAlas very little info came with this, so I had to find the website and read a little about Rebecca and her band The Dead Ringers on their website. There I learned they are from Canada and this is their 3d release. Don’t know about the ones before, but this is an EP with 5 songs. Some of the music reminded me a bit of a female version of Chris Isaak. The music is moody, with strong bluesy undertones, sometimes a bit dark and Rebecca delivers with the conviction and style of a seasoned veteran, as someone that has been there and done that.

Best songs for me are Sting Of A Kiss and Everything. The first could be a hit, with its brooding atmosphere and catchy build. The latter is a more elaborate arrangement with a great middle section.

So if you like female singers, bluesy undertones and class delivery, all wrapped up in entertaining music, then this is something to check out!