Rebelstar, II, 2013

Rebelstar - IIAfter listening to this album I find it hard to believe they have released this independently. Either all label bosses are sleeping, or they are so confident about themselves they choose this route deliberately. Because make no mistake, this is easily one of the best melodic hard rock albums I have heard lately, if not in a long time.

This is a 10 track all killer no filler release that a lot of people would die for to be able to make. So singer Serge Naberman and guitar player Martijn Niggebrugge can be proud of their writing abilities. Together with Toine Vanderlinden on bass and Richard van Leeuwen on drums (with everybody joining in on backing vocals) they prove going Dutch sometimes isn´t a bad thing at all. 😉
No wonder the international press is picking this up and praises the guys work. It really is as good as is said. Whether it is the rockers like Big Bam Boom, All For One One For All or any other track, or the über power ballad Love Leaves Scars, this release has it all. Melodies, attitude and kick ass grooves. And guitar licks and solos in abundance too. Love it from start to finish, so make sure you don´t miss this and grab a copy pronto.