Red, Release The Panic, 2013

red - release the panicAlas it is almost impossible to keep up with all the music that is being released today. Still there is always time to add a new discovery. Well, new is relative here, because as it turns out, Red already have released a couple of albums. Yet it was the video of the title track that got me interested. It is a sort of mini movie by the way, worth checking out.

So on that basis alone I bought this and I must say, I like their brand of post grunge alternative metal (what´s in a name?) very much. It is aggressive yet melodic, and the energy that pours from it is just awesome. I admit, the screaming vocals will not be everybody´s cup of tea, but I think they are balanced well by the normal vocals. This is riff heavy music with very recognisable hooks and melodies. A bonus is the subtle use of keyboards. That really adds atmosphere and depth I think. And if you are only in it for the guitars and groove, rest assured as this really is kicking ass. So anyone who is not tapping their feet or banging their head while listening to this, is probably not into metal music at all. And a song like Hold Me Now also proves the band can chill as well. Very convincing, and I am surely delving into their back catalogue!