Red Star Revolt, Self Titled, 2008

Red Star RevoltThis American trio (Aaron – vocals, bass, percussion, Clutch – guitars, keyboards and Dino – drums) has created an album that will not leave you untouched. That is, if you take the time to sink your teeth into it.

Consisting of a mixture of alternative with a punk attitude, and rock with some serious progressive touches, this is a challenging listen. But very much worth of your precious time. Think Muse playing ball with Rush while Masters Of Reality and Porcupine Tree are joining…

All those influences don´t cumulate into an album with many faces. No, they guys made sure there is a lot going on, but kept it all together. First because of the songs and the way they approach the arrangements. Variation, accents and mood-swings yes, several loose ideas glued together, no. Second it is the production. Clear, powerful, yet full of dynamics so the music breathes.

I actually love bands like this who are not afraid to experiment and stick to their own beliefs and convictions. We need more bands like this in my humble opinion. So if you don´t shy away to discover something new, this band deserves your attention. Oh, and the challenge does not mean they don´t write songs with melodies, they do!

Personal play tips: just fire it up and take it from there.