Redemption, The Fullness Of Time, 2005

redemption - the fullness of timeTo my astonishment, or maybe shame, I recently discovered I lost track of Redemption after their first record. So I decided it was time to catch up and the first one I could lay my hands on is this 2005 disk The Fullness Of Time.
Redemption is the brainchild of guitar and keyboard player Nick van Dyke, who managed to get singer Ray Alder (Fates Warning), guitarist Bernie Versailles (Agents Of Steel) involved, together with James Sherwood on bass and Chris Quirarte on drums.

In some ways this music resembles that of the mighty Fates Warning, though probably mainly because of Ray. Stylistically this is a somewhat different beast. More metal, more ferocious, more muscle. So it is fair to say that this CD challenges the listener. A lot of riffs and ideas, intricate arrangements in all departments, there is a lot going on. Yet that impressive voice holds it all together.
But over time, when you get more acquainted with the songs, you get a firmer grasp of the depth of it all and the music opens up. And then the beauty presents itself to you. And a beauty it is! Very rich, a lot of dynamics, and also the melodies become more evident.
An impressive album that that is fuel to the fire. Can’t wait for the next one to listen to!


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