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Reece, Universal Language, 2009

reece - universal languagePerhaps to my shame I must confess I had not heard David Reece before. Of course I am aware he sang in Bangalore Choir and Accept, but those records are not in my collection. Guess you can´t have everything…

Actually I bought this because my dear friend Hans in ´t Zandt plays drums on the new Bangalore Choir album. Hope to hear that soon.

So what about this CD then? In the booklet is a short piece of information about the recent years of mister Reece, and that gives some nice insight.
Well I approached with little expectation and found myself being greatly entertained. I like David´s voice a lot. It has a warm timbre with a lot of expression. No screaming but lots of tone and feel.

The music is rocking, with a great sense of melody. Some are instant, some reveal their addictiveness after repeated play. Which only means you grow into the album and like it more. And that is a good thing!

The setup is fairly basic (or classic if you will), with drums, bass, guitars and vocals. Nevertheless, it is fresh enough to keep things interested. Recommended for any rock lover with a knack for good singers and matching songs.

Personal play tips: Before I Die, Fantasy Man, Rescue Me.