Reincarnatus, Media Vita, 2008

reincarnatus - media vitaRecently I was invited to visit a concert (thanks René) from this 7 women strong band in a theatre nearby. I was only happy to oblige as I heard of Reincarnatus before, but was not yet familiar with the music.
The show proved very good; the lovely ladies wearing a lot of black leather, handling lots of (medieval) instruments and combining music and lyrics from that time frame with modern day drums, guitars, bass and keyboards. Leading lady Renate also amused the crowd with her great sense of humour and informative background stories. The way she handles the hurdy gurdy is reminiscent of one Edward Van Halen… And several ladies proved to be multi talented, constantly switching instruments and lead vocals. So of course I bought this album to listen to at home. And ladies, thanks for signing it!

The album did not disappoint at all, better yet, it impressed me even more as especially the guitars were more dominant in the mix then they were in the live sound.
Describing their sound is tough though. Because of the many medieval instruments it sometimes sounds like folk or classical (film) music, impressive (duo or triple) singing, sometimes combined with Gregorian chants and pop vocals, a lot of fiddle, and all held together by a rock combo of drums, bass and guitar. Also the use of many old languages adds to the picture. Some parts keep sending the shivers down your spine.

So I can only applaud the ladies for the courage to assemble this and serve it to the public. I hope they gather a big audience with it and recommend you go see them when they are in your neighbourhood. For now that is mainly mainland Europe, but who knows…


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