Revolution Renaissance, New Era, 2008

revolution renaissance - new eraAfter the much debated and publicised happenings in and around the Stratovarius camp, things went a bit silent in the Timo Tolkki corner. But he has resurfaced with  a new band and he called it Revolution Renaissance.

Up front I want to remark that any lover of Tolkki’s former band, will find listening to this a very comfortable experience. In fact, this plainly sounds like Stratovarius with an all new cast (besides song writer and guitar player Tolkki of course. So if you liked his former band, this will push the familiar buttons.

On the upside, the experiments many people dreaded are not present and now we have two bands operating in a similar style. On the downside, who needs two bands operating in a similar style? Why all the fuss if the outcome is so close?

Despite adding nothing to what is already there in his legacy, this is still an album to enjoy. Tolkki obviously still knows how to write a tune or 10, still handles his six string well and got new folks in to fill in the other parts.  Maybe not essential therefore, but little wrong with either. You decide if it is worth your time and money.

The website is no longer available…