Riccardo Scaramelli, Thunderproject Vol. 1, 2013

Thunderproject VOL.I Not so long ago I was treated with the great hard rock from Italian band Bluerose. And now singer and guitar player Riccardo Scaramelli fires his Thunderproject at us. Which in fact is more than just an album, as the release is accompanied by a book, should you choose to buy that edition. Alas I have not seen that, so let´s take a look at the album itself.

First thing to notice is the format of the package, as it is somewhere between CD and DVD formats. Looks good, and sounds good too. Compared to Bluerose, the style is more metal, and the progressive influences are even more evident. What not has been lost, is the attitude. Riccardo sounds very confident again here. Which is even more amazing if you consider this is a one man band! Except for a guitar solo on this edition bonus track Wasted. Another thing is that the melodies are still here. So even if it sometimes is more complex music, those choruses hook you to the songs. Another good thing is that this time we get about an hour of music, as that was my only complaint about the Bluerose album.

I consider Riccardo Scaramelli a big talent, great voice and accompanying instrumental capabilities. Let alone engineer, mixer and masterer… So do take the time to explore the music if you are into melodic metal and or progressive metal.