Rich Krueger, Nowthen, 2018

rich krueger - now thenLet me first confess I am not really an Americana expert. Still I think that Rich Krueger’s album Nowthen qualifies as such. And even when for me, this is a couple of songs too long (15 tracks and 74 minutes), I firmly believe that for the right people, this will be a very enjoyable release.

Also I guess that listeners who enjoy storytelling a lot (think Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen for reference), will admire the way Rich goes about. His high baritone singing surely adds to that.
Because of the variation in the musical landscape ( brass, violin, accordion, pedal steel. upright bass are amongst the instruments used, besides the more regular electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano and drums) we can enjoy a plethora of moods. Taking into account this is done independently only makes me appreciate the effort even more. This has been done with 100% dedication and professionalism!

So even when the pun of Elisabeth (RePlease) is probably only really funny once, this seems to be an album that fans of the genre will applaud. Of course the lyrics and vocals take centre stage here, but the arrangements make sure you are taken along for the ride. Those lyrics can be found in the booklet by the way, so you can read along too.

Check this out of this is a genre you like. (and someone please tell me where that chord sequence in The Great War is from, it keeps slipping away from me)