Richard Page, Songs From The Sketchbook, 2012

Richard Page - Songs From The SketchbookRichard Page, best known from his work with 80´s band Mr. Mister, has released another solo album. Or more accurate, a collection of songs mostly written for other artists, which for some reason never were recorded by the intended artist. The cool thing is he explains extensively how this all came about. Like he also discusses the circumstances under which these versions were recorded, with whom and when.

And if you know Page writes songs for quite a diverse bunch or artists, it will come as no surprise the material on here is diverse as well. Yet, as all is sung by him, it still sounds coherent. His voice still shines, but then, I have always loved his singing. The first track Falling Into Place is a Mr. Mister leftover and is one of the most rocking tracks. From then one it is more of that balanced smooth stuff his solo work is known for. And I think these are beautiful tunes and can understand why he got lost as to why they were never chosen.

Hesitant as he may be about releasing these demo’s, there is absolutely no quality issue here. And even with just an acoustic guitar and that voice, I am captured in the moment. So if you want to check what he has been up to, if you love his voice, or maybe only because you are curious, definitely a CD to add to your collection.