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Richie Kotzen, Get Up, 2004

richie kotzen - get upSomething strange just happened to me again. While this is not my first Richie Kotzen album, every time I buy another one I realize I should buy all of them. Such is the effect that this music has on me!
Known to some for being the guitar player in Mr. Big after Paul Gilbert’s departure, mister Kotzen also has a long solo career to his credit. And while he first came to the public eye as a shredder, on every album I own, he proves not only to be a very convincing singer with a lot of soul in his voice, but also a guitar player with a brilliant warm tone and capable of giving every song what it needs to shine.

His music is rock, with often funk and soul influences. So yes, his albums tend to be a mixed affair, but the genius he is, is just too good to ignore. So this is easy as good as other stuff I own. I just dig that feel! And if you are not afraid of rock spiced up with some funk and soul, than this is surely something to check out. Love it!