Rifugio Zena, E Tempo Che Passa, 2013

refugia zena - e tempo che passaFabrizio from Coral Riff sends me the most varied of music. Yet this time it is back to more familiar ground, as Rifugio Zena play a guitar based form of progressive rock. Albeit with a modern approach, so expect influences from funk, alternative, post rock, etc.. Alas I do not have much info on the band, so I assume they are a trio. Also because all we hear is drums, bass, guitar and vocals. As with a lot of bands from Coral Riff, the boys sing in their native Italian. And again that does not trouble me at all.

And where one could be tempted to think that a trio is a limitation as far as the arrangements are concerned, here is proof that this does not need to be the case. Even when overdubs are kept to a minimum, and the band choose a fairly dry production, the music still connects easily and keeps you attracted. Playing in a trio always is demanding for the musicians involved, but no complaints here as well. Especially the bass work is very entertaining and goes way beyond simple providing a solid base. Because of the occasional slapping a link to funk can be made, but all in all I really admire the playing. The guitar player choose his sounds wisely and switches between clean and distorted playing. Together with the groovy and powerful drums, the band impress.



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