Riverland, Self Titled, 2013

riverlandWhile on the subject of more calm and peaceful music, here is another one for ya. Probably new to many, Riverland is the combination of singer Mikko Heino (Minutian, Montage) and Roni Seppänen (Tracedawn, Devil I Know, Montage) on guitars. But it is not new to them, as they have been playing folk festivals, coffee-houses and bars in Finland since 2008.

The idea of this album is the concept of people helping each other, taking care, and falling in love. And while the music was written by the duo, they brought in Aki Väkevä for the programming of drums and the mix of the final results.

Style wise this is a hybrid of sorts. Modern pop, some folk, and some progressive and psychedelia to balance it all. And if that sounds strange, the music is not. With 7 tracks clocking in at just over 21 minutes it might not be a full album by nowadays standards. But they surely succeeded in creating a very moody and atmospheric album. Surprisingly there are a lot of keyboards present as well, something not mentioned in the biography. All in all a nice way to get to know the band, and if you are into relaxing music, this is surely something to hunt down. Pleasant!