Rome, The Lone Furrow, 2020

rome - the lone furrowIt seems Rome’s Jerome Reuter inspiration is in full swing, so no wonder he keeps popping up on these pages. And where I have said before that folk never really was my thing, Rome’s neo-folk approach keeps proving me wrong. The press info states this is the logical culmination of a 15-year career, timeless in its critique of man’s greed and the deliberate desecration of all beautiful things.

Well that might sound like this is a depressing affair, but then you will be proven wrong. Yes, a song like Tyriat Sig Tyrias is everything a protest song should be. Powerful, fists in the air and rhythmic. But Achtung Baby (hello U2) is brilliant and could, no should be a hit. Other stand out tracks for me are The Angry Cup, Kali Yuga Über Alles, On Albion’s Plain, Obsidian or the haunting Palmyra.

Many guests are adding their touch to these proceedings too, the likes of Behemoth, Pallbearer or Primordial you might not expect. The packaging is stellar too by the way.
As usual several languages are used (not unlogical since Reuter stems from Luxembourg) but in the end only one thing is important: quality music does not care for borders nor genre expectations.

Impressive and surely a highlight in the Rome catalogue.