Ronnie James Dio, This Is Your Life (tribute), 2014

dio tribute - this is your lifeNormally I don´t pay much attention to tributes, nor to tribute bands. They serve a purpose, but I am still not sure if I like the concept… But as a) this is for Dio and b) in support of Dio´s Cancer fund, there is enough reason to make an exception. Especially when you hear in and find how surprising and awesome some of the versions are.

Anthrax start the disk with an energetic version of  Black Sabbath´s Neon Knights. Dio and Tenacious D are no strangers to each other of course, so they do their rendition of The Last In Line. Russell Allen does a mighty and at times vocally close version of The Mob Rules with his Adrenaline Mob. One of the biggest surprises is Corey Taylor´s version of Rainbow In The Dark. I really like how he sounds here. Also the keyboard parts are taken over by guitar, giving the song even more bite. Lzzy and Halestrom blast their way convincingly through Straight Through The Heart.

And the list goes on, Lemmy´s Motörhead is joined by Biff Byford, The Scorpions are there, Doro, Killswitch Engage, Glenn Hughes. And many others, the list goed on. Even Rob Halford and Metallica show some love before the man himself ends the CD with the title track, hailing from the overlooked Angry Machines album. Killer stuff and a good cause, how quick can you own this?