Roswell Six, Terra Incognita – A Line In the Sand, 2010

Roswell Six - a line in the sandIn reply to my post about his Shadow´s Mignon album, Henning Pauly already suspected I would like this one a whole lot more. And you know what, he was completely right.
Truth be told, with guests like Steve Walsh, Sass Jordan or Michael Sadler, one does not need to convince me very much. But still, if it sucks that wouldn´t help.

Roswell Six is actually a project around a trilogy (being) written by Kevin J. Anderson. But it is enjoyable separate, as I for one don´t have the books yet. The first album was written by Erik Norlander by the way.
As anyone familiar with Pauly´s work will tell ya, the guy has a knack for writing top notch material. And with singers this good, the whole experience is lifted even more. So yes, this is progressive metal the way we like it. And while busy at times, the melodies have enough staying power to attract, even in the very first spins. And only get´s better after repeated play. For all lovers of self indulgence, no worries, there is plenty of that too.

It really is quite simple, buy this stuff and eat it up, it is great!