Rush, Clockwork Angels, 2012

Rush - Clockwork AngelsLet´s start with  a little confession: I am the type of guy that says hurray when news about a new Rush studio album is released. And especially in this decade, where we have mostly been treated to live albums and DVD´s…

To me every one of their album counts, and this is no exception. In fact, they have again broadened their horizon! Don´t know how they succeed in doing that, but they just did it. Again.
What´s the fuzz you say? Well Rush and orchestra is something isn´t it? I hear they are even taking some of that with them on tour. Must be a treat, as it works great here. Yet this is Rush instantly. So recognizable. So classy, so melodic and so well crafted. Everything, from lyrics to rhythmic patterns and riffing has the Rush signature. Less keyboards and more guitars (not something I am against, despite liking those synths also), and also a little more epic on for instance the title track, Headlong Flight or The Garden.

After listening to this back to back for the last week or so, I can only say this is another winner, and maybe even a tad more adventurous than I had hoped for. Respect for defining the game for so long and still trying to raise the bar. A safe buy if ever there was one…


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