Saga, The Human Condition, 2009

Saga - The Human ConditionGreat! Am I finally finding the time to write about this album, the first with new singer Rob Moratti, news is popping up that Michael Sadler has returned to the fold and will once again tour with the rest of the boys… Man, life is what happens while you are planning…
So for all of you out there who are wondering how a Saga album  without the voice of Sadler sounds, this one is for you.

In everything this is another great Saga album. Just the singer´s voice sounds strange. Oh no, that is where we started. All fun aside, of course Rob Moratti is a competent singer. Coming from a more melodic rock background, his keen ear for melodies is a valuable addition to the already impressive song writing abilities within the band.
If you have been following the career of Saga, then you will know that in recent years they have gone from strength to strength, releasing a number of albums that are on par with all the classics from the past. But as I am quite fond of all their output, counting their concept album Generation 13 as one of my fave´s, you might not want to take my word for it, LOL.

This CD sits comfortably amongst their catalogue. Strangely familiar so to speak. The title song is musically songbook Saga, but has minimal vocals. Step Inside is typical Saga, albeit with a different voice (duh). Hands Of Time has a different approach than we are used to, sounding almost like a rock ballad, but is nice nevertheless. To conclude, no one is pretending to be something they are not. Saga is Saga, a good singer is a good singer. The combination works for me.