Saga, Worlds Apart Revisited, 2007

saga  - worlds apart revisitedBeen a long time coming to write another post about a DVD. So now I have doubled those numbers, what better choice to make than this Saga DVD? Especially one that pays tribute to one of the best selling Saga albums ever Worlds Apart. And in my humble opinion Saga deserve some extra attention as they should have been bigger. But that is just me šŸ˜‰

On the first disc we get a selection of songs, old and new and of course the said album in it’sĀ entirety. Home of several classic Saga songs that will forever be on their live play list, it is no wonder the public is charmed by the performance. And it really is quite the performance. Has bugged me forever that the two virtuosos within the band (Jim Gilmour on keyboards and Ian Crighton on guitar) are not on everyone’s fave player of the year list) and this film shows just how good they really are. Whether in unisono or playing a wild solo, their technique is fabulous as well as rhythmically challenging. Backed by Brian Doerner on drums and shy boy Jim Crighton on bass and keyboards (I actually think he is the one holding the band together). And lead by gentleman singer Michael Sadler (a jack of all trades as he also plays bass and keyboards) who captures his audience easily with his obvious joy and his sometimes Freddy Mercury alike showmanship.

Filmed with a keen eye for the right camera angle, and without tricks, this is a pure live show that shows how good the band is. I have seen them live and this does them justice.

The second DVD has some archive live footage as well as some background stories from band members and crew. Very funny to watch.
So quite the package from this unique band.