Saint Deamon, Pandeamonium, 2009

saint deamon - pandeamoniumA new name on the block (at least in 2009 they were, in the meantime they have released a second album I believe), Saint Deamon prove with ease to be a force to reckon with.
Because despite the short songs and album length (10 songs together clocking in under 40 minutes) the band come across as focussed. Whether it´s performing, writing, sound, look, melodies or what ever, it is obvious the guys know what they want.

Perhaps it´s the helping hand of producers Jens Bogren and Roy Z (with writing credits on all tracks from the first), but who cares if the output sounds so inspired. Again one of the bonuses for me is the band expand on the genre by adding some more progressive styled elements. Not that there is anything wrong with galloping double kick, but it is nice when a band explores other musical figures 😉

So I can keep this short, a welcome addition to any metal collection.