Sanction-X, The Last Day, 2009

Sanction-X - The Last DayAnother project guitarist Robby Böbel (a.o. Frontline, Evidence One) is involved in. While I do like what he has done so far, and know he writes some serious good music, this album troubles me a bit.

To clarify things, in it´s genre I think this is a potent album. I mean the songs are heavy but melodic, the players know what they are doing, melodies are everywhere, good singer, lot´s of guitars and keyboards, etc.

But I guess it´s the wall of sound that doesn´t do it for me. I find listening to this record tiring! There is a constant blow on the ears and always a lot going on. I miss dynamics, some lighter parts. As a listener you don´t get a chance to catch your breath, the band are constantly firing away at you.
Oh, tempos do vary, and several songs really have great parts. So I guess that a lot of people will actually dig this album very much. I hope for more light and shade next time around.

Personal play tips: try the first few tracks, if you like that, the rest of the album is of the same calibre.