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Sandalinas, Fly To The Sun, 2008

Sandalinas - Fly To The SunI believe this is the second album by this band, but it´s the first I bought. Singer is Rick Altzi (At Vance). I really like his dark brown voice with a slightly rough edge. The band is named after guitar player and songwriter Jordi Sandalinas, of Spanish (?) descent. Who knows how to play a solo!

This music is best described as hard rock, although there are some more progressive moments.

The first spin did little for me, except for the last 3 tracks, which I thought were very good. Repeated play made me like the album more. But I still feel some songs are rather simple of nature and repeat the chorus a bit much.
With Any Laroque involved you can be sure of a big sounding production, so no complaints there. Songs like As the Rain Falls, or No Matter What also show the band has potential. Still I think the band will benefit from a little more adventure in the song writing department. The signs are there they are able to do that. But I can also imagine that a lot of people find this easy to digest and enjoy it very much. Matter of taste probably.

Personal play tips: Shadows In The Rain, The Healer Talks, Seasons In The Sand.